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Code: BL10

M.R.P: 12000

Price: ₹ 10000

Warranty: 1 Year

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BL10 Smart Bike-Sharing GPS Lock user friendly and eco-friendly too, Firstly concern about global climate change, energy prevention security and balance unstable fuel price/use had caused many decision maker and policy experts worldwide to closely examine the need for more suitable transportation strategies. Secondly, people always searches much more convenient way to travel short distance trip.

Bike-Sharing GPS Lock Programme solve “last mile” problem, reduce traffic congestion and fuel consumption.

Perfectly combined with hardware and software, All-in-One bike sharing solution effectuate information interacting among operators, users and bicycles, gaining superior riding experience and visualized operation. Bicycle unlocked by scanning QR code, SMS, GPRS and Bluetooth. User can view and share your mapped rides and statics, including mile travelled, calories burned, etc.