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GPS Tracking Device in Delhi

Today’s world different form of crime increases like termites, in all field IT company, private corporation, government corporation, mass communication, fashion etc everywhere crime exists. Not only crime accidents also happen now-a-day in large amount by four-wheeler, two-wheeler or three- wheeled vehicles. Crimes like kidnapping, rapes, cyber crime, domestic violence, extra-marital affairs etc many more in large quantity in India and whole over the world. Every member of family get worried for everyone if they not reach timely to home/school or wherever to their destination, because of that their mind always be disturbed they did not able to focus on their work. As we already know everyone wants to live comfort and luxurious life. For taking concern of accidents, crimes, cyber crime and customer’s safety, security We Active India Digital Products had launched new updated advanced technology called as GPS Tracker Device in Delhi.

Our organisation manufactures these GPS tracking products under the surveillance of experienced expert who already have experience in this field. Those products designed with innovative, creative, full skilled, easily carried, hidden, small in size and fully leased with advanced technology which are available as Real Time GPS Tracking Device with good quality and affordable price in Delhi and other state of India. Buyers can Buy GPS Tracker Device in Delhi by two modes online by net banking, Pay tm and offline by tracking gadget stores at affordable price. When we talk about luxury, comfort and live life free minded no one back down, all want to buy best product but they don’t have idea which product they have to use in which situation don’t get worried we are here to help you out this situation, by advising you which product best for you at your budget rate. Still user face any problem regards use and installation of that product then they can do enquiry by message, call or by message on online website portal. Our team will solve customer query within 24 hours.

Now these days no one wants to travel in public transport like bus, metro, auto- rickshaw etc many more, due to which number of motor vehicle increased, in the ever busy hectic life the well earning family everyone is having vehicle it’s not possible to keep record of all vehicles for that we invented GPS tracker for car, vehicle, bike, two-wheeler, four-wheeler and three- wheeled vehicles and many more. Normally, all vehicles use Global Positioning System use to determine the real time location of automobiles and transmitters attached to it to transmit the data, record history to centralised server. These Small GPS Tracking System installed in vehicle as hidden device which used for fleet management system under that faster routing, reduce fuel cost, stay connected 24/7, detailed report about every action, accurate timekeeping, travel history etc many more advanced feature which help the buyer to safe resource of vehicle. It also helps to track the best path to reach the destination in less period of time, it’s helpful for those people who are teenager/drunk/ elders/ loving ones and all driving in danger zone, drunken mode and for those who forget their location.

Our GPS Tracker Features


Real Time / Live Tracking

At any time or from any location you can track live realtime location of your vehicle in our mobile app map with traffic updates using our GPS tracking software.


Ignition On/Off Alerts

Everytime when your vehicle ignition started or stopped by you or someone else you will get instant realtime push notification that can be configured for specified hours on your mobile.


Engine Stop From Mobile App

This feature is one of the most amazing and the wonderful features of the GPS vehicle tracking system from which you can stop your vehicle via mobile app & can prevent theft.


Panic Button

At the time of emergency you can make use of panic button to inform your loved once that your are in trouble.


Over-Speeding Notification

Get Overspeed alerts on your tracking mantra smartphone mobile app everytime when your vehicle goes beyond your set speed limit.


Make Geo-fences, whenever your vehicle enter the fence and leave the fence you we will get instant alerts.

GPS tracker for kids used to track kids who went outside to school, market, public garden, railway station, amusement park many more public places. Parents always getting worried about their child whenever they are outside, they always thought that either their reach to their destination safely or not. These GPS tracking Device in Delhi make easy and relief to their life by tracking their children making update to their children real time location by alert message, call, notification or by SOS call. Special child who need more care their parents are facing more problem in their care GPS tracker cannot solve their problem 100% but try to decrease their problem as possible as they can.

These Tracking device not only track to kids, it will help you to track elder person, loving ones any members of family , one additional advantage is that user can track their pets too. Our products available as GPS tracker price in Delhi which provide products best of best at their budget rate with full safety and security in Delhi and other states of India.